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In-Line Vacuum potting machine SEC-400ZL/ZHL


1.           WINDOWS2000/XP   Operating interface, easy to learn and understand.

2.           Functions of   drawing points, lines, surfaces, circle, consecutive complement of irregular   curves and three-axis linkage available, applicable to any irregular product   potting.

3.           Hard disk   has super memory capacity for storage of program, and software has functions   of regional array, translation, rotation and computation, etc.

4.           Potting   volume, speed, time, and halting time can be set by parameters; glue outflow   is quite stable with no leaking or dripping.

5.           CCD visual programming optional, realizing fast   programming process.

6.           Automatic   overhead door, automatic sealing device, decreasing labor operation while   increasing efficiency.

7.   Speed   chain conveying system, open to conveyor integration operation.

8.  Equipped with BECKER vacuum pump with   suction flow rate as 165m3/h.  

9.  Parameters on the vacuum gauge adjustable,   the pump automatically stops working when vacuum degree reaches the limit.

10.  Equipped with safety light curtain, make   sure the equipment safely work.

11.  Full automatic process of glue mixing,   potting, and various route potting.

12.  Glue mixed as needed before and in the   process of potting, saving glue as much as possible.

13.    Dual glue tanks to store A and B glue separately, helping to store   glue for a long time.

14.  Mixing ratio   adjustable from 100:100 to 100:20 or from100:20 to 100:10, dynamic or static   mixing mode optional to ensure fully mixing.

15.  Unique control   system helps to avoid uneven potting, drawing and bubble in the potting   process without impaction from air pressure.

16.  Height-adjusting   device of Z-axis enables to work for workpiece of different height.

17.  Automatic   alarming by up /low level materials sensors to avoid short of material.

18.  Optional functions of stirring, heating and   vacuum defoamation, fit for various potting /dispensing process.

Product Description





Work Area


Travel speed


Mixing   precision


Potting   precision


Mixing   ratio

10010010020 or 100:20100:10   adjustable

Potting   speed

1g/sec15g/sec    or  5g/sec30g/sec

Operable   viscosity


Operation   system

Windows XP

Measuring mode

Stepping motor+ gear pump/rotary piston pump/servo motor + piston pump

Cleaning mode


Drive   Mode

Servo motor/ball screw

Power   supply

AC380V  50HZ  7.0KW


2250(L) 2150(W)2200(H)mm


About 800KG

 Work Condition

Humidity20-90%  Temperature:0-40