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SEC-400BH two components micro gram glue filling machine for LED or transducer


  1. Operating interface of windows XP which is easy to learn;

  2. Functions of drawing points, lines, surfaces, circle, consecutive interpolation of irregular curves and three-axis linkage enables to pot any irregular workpieces;

  3. Hard disk has super memory capacity, and software has functions of regional array,translation,rotation and computation,etc;

  4. The size of glue, speed of glue spread, dispensing time, time of halting dispensing can be set by parameters. With this method, glue outflow is quite stable without leaking and dripping;

  5.  Optional CCD visual programming system enables easy and quick programming.

  6.  Fully automatic operation with integration of metering, potting, encapsulation function.

  7.  Mixing on demand and potting at the same time to save glue.

  8.  Dual barrels to store A,B glue separately, which prevents gel in a long time.

  9.  Optional dynamic or static mixing mode ensure fully mixing, and mixing ratio can be regulated from100:100 to 100:20 or from100:20 to 100:10 ;

 10.  Unique control system without impaction from air pressure, which avoids the phenomenon of nonuniformity, drawing and bubble in the potting process.

 11.  Height-adjusting device of Z-axis enables to work for   workpieces of different height;

 12.  Automatic alarming by up /low level materials sensors to avoid short of material.

 13.  Optional functions of stirring, heating and deaeration, fit for various potting /dispensing process.

 14. Adapt micro amount piston pump for precise measurement, good performance of glue suction, can pump various medium and glue with different viscosity, the material tank rack and piston pump installation position is higher, shorten the glue conveyor pipe, decrease the inside pressure and improve the glue dispensing precision. 

Product Description



Work Area400(X)╳300(Y)╳100(Z)mm
Travel speed500mm/sec
Mixing precision±2%
potting precision±2%
Mixing Ratio100:100~100:20 or 100:20~100:10 adjustable
Potting speed0.2g/sec~3g/sec
Operable viscosity<100000PCS
Operation systemWindows XP
Measuring modeServo motor+ micro amount piston pump
Drive Modeservo motor & ball screw
Power supplyAC220V  50HZ  3.0KW
Size1300(L) ╳1300(W)╳2100(H)mm
WeightAbout 300kg
Work environmentHumidity:20-90%,  Temperature:0-40℃


X/Y/Z axis motorkit2Servo motor and driver
Material stirring systemkit2Optional
Guide railkit4Taiwan
Industrial Computerkit1Advantech
Movement controllerkit1Second
Double liquid mixing valvekit1Static or dynamic valve as optional
High precision metering pumpkit2Gear pump/rotary plunger pump as optional/piston pump
Semi-automatic cleaning devicekit1 Optional
Measuring motorkit2Servo motor
Barrelkit230L/15L or 70L, function of vacuum deaeration and heating is selectable.
Conveying pipekit2Teflon hose
Automatic potting softwarekit1Second independent R&D
Detecting for dynamic stir defaultkit1Optional
Discharging pressure detectorkit1Optional