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Industrial glue dispensing machine with two dispensing desks

This is industrial automated machine fluid or glue dispensing machine, it equips with 4 nozzles, and two working shuttles for seamless high capacity dispensing purposes. We can provide and custom solution for you, please contact us at

Product Description


The machine can be used in different productions. It may apply sealant, adhesive, and other fluid materials to LED, solar panel, electrical appliances, automotive components, telecom systems, batteries, power tools, toys, cosmetic, consumer electronic items in the manufacturing process.

The machine able to dispense a big variety of adhesive, such as UV, TIM, EMC, bonding glue, epoxy, silicone, quick dry glue, or others. Please note that, change of valve maybe needed as well. Application base on material. The above data is for reference only, for other custom need, please feel free to contact us, our in-house software and hardware engineers are ready to provide proposal free of charge.