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Silicone CNC robot dispenser E380-2600mlSBV

The machine can be used to dispense various type of fluid, adhesive materials for fixing or protecting PCB electronic parts. It can also be used for bonding of mobile phone and notebook cases, LCD glass, LED dispensing, Semiconductor sealing, optical lens dispensing, and packaging, automotive parts, hardware parts, and others.

Product Description

Silicone CNC robot dispenser E380-2600mlSBV


E380 is one robot, but can use for  many different glues. This new machine’s main body is made out of one-piece aluminum casting molding, strong structure, stable and user friendly operation.

It provides 380x380x100mm maximum XYZ strokes for extra dispensing needs.

The machine is designed to adapt different type of dispensing applicators for different fluid or glue. Once your bought the Cartesian CNC machine, you just need to choose different applicators. It is really One for All. According to our research, with the seven different applicators, you are covering about 80% of the desktop dispensing needs.

The multi purposes clamping system allow to match with different material filling devices, and valves, and allow quick changeover. It achieves the dispensing of different products of different processes.

This is really a good machine from a reliable factory, with over 15 years focus business on the fluid and glue dispensing, potting industry.

Dispensing and potting are the precise manipulating between air, fluid, or adhesive, don’t waste your money on the cheap and non professional suppliers, you will end up buying many spare parts, and a new machine again.

Machine specifications:




Working range



Max payload


Max travel speed


Transfer method

Stepper motor, belt, precision rail

XYZ position accuracy




Memory storage

999 program setup (each program store   up to 65535 spots)

Operating method

LCD, Teach pendant


Precision stepper motor

Movement patterns

3 axis spot to spot, continue line, arc


1 input, 4 output (support expansion)

Power supply

AC220V 50/60Hz 0.5kw

Working environment

Temperature 0-40, Humidity 20-90%

Machine dimension

Approx. 48KG

Approx. 60KG

Machine dimension