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Shenzhen Second Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd. was founded in 2005. The company provides fluid dispensing, potting, coating, and bonding solutions of single and two components. The equipment includes various types of precise and automatic fluid dispensing, double component potting, micro potting, and coating machines in the form of desktop, standalone, inline, and robotic arm. 

Second Intelligent is an ISO 9001:2015 certified company. 

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Automatic fluid dispensing solution

· Glue dispensing machine 

· Glue dispensing robot 

· Fluid dispensing system 

· Adhesive dispensing system 

· Silicone dispensing system 

· Hot melt dispensing equipment 

· Epoxy dispensing systems 

· TIM, EMC, RTV, EMI, FIP, Triangular gasket dispensing machines 

· Reverse Osmosis element dispensing systems 

· Hydrogen Fuel Cell gasket dispensing system



   Original manufacturer with CNC, milling, wire cutting, 

   and tooling department.

  470 staffs in total with both in-house software and hardware 

  engineers, able to provide total solution for industrial adhesive

  fluid, glue dispensing and potting needs.




          Automatic benchtop dispensing machine:



           This XYZ dispensing robot is most common type, 

           but very functional. We produce over a thousand units 

           annually. Simple but delicate, and dedicate to meet and 

           passed CPK requirement.




       Automatic two components potting machine:



       The machines are able to perform automatic degassing, 

        metering, mixing, and potting homogenously, and 

        continuously. Machine able to apply dynamic, static, or micro 

        mixing valve.  Different working sizes are available, and 

        welcome your custom.






        Stand-alone, inline CCD visual precision 

         dispensing machine:

          The machines are suitable for TIM, EMC, RTV, EMI, 

          FIP, round gasket, and triangular gasket precision 

          dispensing purposes. Please check into the category, 

          and we welcome your custom request. 




          Reverse osmosis fabrication machines:


            To make good RO cartridge element, good sealing is very 

          important, this is why we are building and supplying these 

          machines. 4 – 8 inches commercial RO cartridge element 

          dispensing, and spiral winding machine.

          There are more machines available in the category, please 

          check for details and welcome to contact us direct. 

          Customization is welcome.





             Hydrogen fuel cell bipolar plate gasket 

             dispensing machines:

                  Hydrogen fuel cell need over 200 plates every stacks, in 

              between the plates, there are gaskets that need to be 

              placed. In the old time, it is done by hands, but now is 

              using high precision dispensing machine to perform 

              automatic seal and bond.

                                                                                                                            Company structure




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                    Two Component Potting Solutions                                                                      Stock Available

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