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SEC-1800GLS Semi-automatic RO element spiral wounding machine ver4.0 (Dispensing, ultrasonic welding, rolling.)

The V4 domestic RO element wounding machine has added a pack deliver feature. Operator put the pack on a deliver tray, the tray will feed the pack to the core pipe to be dispensed and wound up.

Product Description
ModelSEC-1800GLSDescriptionAutomatic RO element spiral wounding machine ver4.0
Suitable elements1810 series-3313 seriesMaterial width330mm(MAX)
Permeate loading methodAutomatic upload materialUnloading methodAutomatic unload
Max working range1300mm(X)*500mm(Y)*100mm(Z)Mixing methodDynamic mixer provides fast mixing, and easy cleaning.
Max speed500mm/secWelding methodUltrasonic welding.
Resolution0.01mmMembrane supply methodAutomatic material feeding tray
Repeat precision±0.025mmDosing control systemStepping motor + gear pump; servo motor + piston pump
Operating method
Motion operating methodPC + motion control card; PLC
Mixing ratio1:2-5:1; digital adjust inputRO max diameterØ100mm
Mixing precision±2%Capacity (est.)85-100PCS/H(1812)
Dispensing precision±2%Dispensing speed1~15g/sec; dispensing among adjust according to the ratio.

Main configurations

Driving motorKit7Servo motor
Permeate collection membrane supply systemKit1Magnetic braking system + Air expanding shaft
Ultrasonic weldingKit1Second Original
Industrial computerKit1Advantech IPC
Operating methodKit1PC + Mitsubishi PLC + Weinview touch screen
Dual fluid pneumatic mixerKit1Base on the fluid to select and match dynamic or static mixing system
High precision metering pumpKit2Base on the fluid to select and match gear pump or ceramic piston pump
Automatic potting softwareKit1Second Original

The V4 domestic RO element wounding machine has added a pack deliver feature. Operator put the pack on a deliver tray, the tray will feed the pack to the core pipe to be dispensed and wound up. To operate this machine, one labor is needed to load the leaf pack on the tray. The machine will deliver carrier and pipe automatically to the ultrasonic welding position. And the dispensing robot will mix and dispense the glue on the preset path accurately. Eventually, the machine will roll up the membrane with outer wrap, cut, and drop the finished element into its collecting tray.


1)This RO element spiral wounding machine can perform carrier membrane feeding, pack feeding, core pipe welding, element wounding, and outer wrap cutting automatically.

2)This machine uses air expanding shaft design to control and fit the permeate collection membrane into the right tension, so to avoid skidding.

3)To improve the quality, it uses magnetic braking system, so to avoid wrinkling and keep steady folding process.

4)The machine can automatic loads up the permeate tube into its correct welding position. And the system will automatically check if the core pipe is placed in the right side or not? If not, it is able to recognize, and remove the wrong piece into a collection bin for next reuse.

5)The ultrasonic system is also able to recognize the core pipe's collection holes in the permeate tube and avoid direct welding on the holes. This ultrasonic can weld in high speed, seal edges evenly, and cause no pollute.

6)The machine comes with a two-component dispensing system, it includes adjustable ratio valve to mix and feed the glue on the pre-set path. The dispensing system moves XYZ with high precision axis controls.

7)The finished elements will be automatically unloaded to its collection tray. Collection tray also equips with sensor to signal if tray is in the right position or not.

8)Materials are feed and process automatically, this system require one operator only.