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SEC-50TB Automatic permeate Core pipe tapping machine for 1810-3313 series RO membrane

SEC-50TB Automatic permeate Core pipe tapping machine for 1810-3313 series RO membrane

Product Description
DescriptionSEC-50TBDescriptionPermeate collection tube labeling machine
Suitable element size1810-3313Operating methodAutomatic
Suitable permeate tube sizeφ17 mmLoading methodAutomatic loading
Max storage>200PCSUnload methodAutomatic unloading
Labeling methodTwo working stations labeling simultaneouslyAlarm functionAutomatic trigger alarm if ran out of material
Taping methodMirrorPower supply1KW 220V
Operating methodPLC + Touch ScreenDimensionL1440mm*W690mm*H1650mm

Main Configurations:

Unloading motorPiece1Servo motor
Label feeding motorPiece2Stepping motor
Label loading and unload pneumatic cylinderKit1Taiwan
PLCKit1Mitsubishi PLC

Operator can load 200 pieces of the permeate collection tubes (core pipe) into the bin, and load the tapes on the machine, set the parameter, and walk away to take care of other production. After completed or if ran out of materials, the machine will alarm to request operator's attention. These tapes are used to prevent glue stick on the pipe with membrane; it is for easy pulling off after trimming the element.


1. This machine equips with an advance PLC operating system provides flexible, stable, and reliable control.

2. The loading bin can load more than 200 tubes each time.

3. Special designed rotating pipes feeder, keeps reliable, and steady without jamming.

4. Two tapping systems working together simultaneously to maximize the productivity.

5. Both tapping sizes can be adjusted precisely to meet different tapes requirement.

6. Both sides of the tapes can be locked into exactly sizes and speed. The tapping and feeding speed are adjustable, and they will be displayed on the digit panel for easy control and manage.

7. This machine is fully automatic, after loads the permeate collection tubes, it feeds, tapes, collects itself until all of the material completed.