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Is there Any Way to Improve the Bonding Effect of Glue?

Mar. 26, 2020

As a Desktop Glue Dispenser Wholesale, share with you. When we operate the dispensing equipment, we should pay attention to some issues. This part of the details may be factors that affect the product's dispensing strength, and how to improve the bonding effect is the topic we will discuss this time. Strong and strong, as well as resistance to external factors and various adverse factors, it is worth noting that not all products require a high bonding effect, and the loss of related parts is also present. The valve plug is because of the strength of the adhesive. 

Automatic Glue Dispensing Machine

Automatic Glue Dispensing Machine

How to achieve the effect of improving the bonding strength?

1. Increase adhesive

Add more glue solution (solution) to make the bonding coverage more comprehensive and have higher strength. However, it is necessary to avoid excessively high bonding strength and causing the valve to be blocked.

2. Check for bubbles

If the glue produces bubbles, it must be removed or replaced immediately. This is one of the reasons that affect the bonding effect.

3. Add catalyst

The catalyst is a way to speed up the curing speed. Various glue catalyst accelerators such as can effectively improve the bonding effect and speed. It should not be added too much, as mentioned above, to prevent low fluidity and cause the valve to be blocked. gum.

4. Means to promote curing

Like UV glue or glass glue, etc., the former can accelerate the curing and improve the bonding effect by irradiating with ultraviolet light, while the latter suggests that the glass glue can achieve good results without being affected by foreign objects in a sealed environment.

Special glues such as hot-melt adhesives are not the same as glass glue dispensing. This glue will melt and be used for filling after high temperature. At this time, hot-melt adhesives want to improve the bonding effect. The contact area of the adhesive material covers the entire area, and at the same time, the bonding force of the adhesive and the adhered material should be consistent.

The original intention of the user to choose the Glue Dispensing Machine is mainly to reduce the cost of dispensing and improve efficiency. Applications that require dispensing should be considered in combination with actual conditions, such as suitable equipment types, whether the dispensing is uneven, and the cost There are many factors such as whether it is affected and rising. The choice of semi-automatic equipment such as automatic dispensers or digital display dispensers is affected by production needs. Considering the requirements of manufacturing and dispensing costs is a problem that customers need to consider. 

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