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What Causes the Glue Dispensing Problem?

Feb. 21, 2020

As a High Speed Automatic Dispensing Machine Wholesale, I would like to share with you the reasons that cause glue problems.

After using the Automatic Dispensing Machine, a lot of consumers will see occasional glue dispensing problems. Generally, in this case, we can start from the following reasons: The quality of the dispensing valve is unqualified; The sealing material is damaged and rusted; the adhesive is too thin; the application pressure is too large; the needle diameter of the dispenser is too small.

Automatic dispensers are widely used in manufacturing industries, such as IC seals, optoelectronics factories, LCD display frame adhesives for LCD screens, lighting factory lighting seals, lighting lamp filling, computer and mobile phone protective casing seals, and notebook computers. Adhesion, application of SMT components, stable dispensing before passing through a tin furnace, and production of printed circuit boards.

The application materials cover: UV glue, Silicon, EPOXY, red glue, silver glue, A.B glue, COB black glue, conductive glue, thermally conductive aluminum paste, quick-drying glue.

Epoxy Dispensing Machine

Epoxy Dispensing Machine

1. Low-quality dispensing valve is deflated and the production accuracy is not high. The failure to close the regulating valve will cause the glue dropping problem.

2. If the valve is used for a long time, or the adhesive contains irritating properties, it will cause damage to the sealing material. In this way, the valve will have a gap when the valve is closed, and the effect of back suction will be extremely high. Large interference will also cause the problem of glue dripping. Therefore, when the valve is used for a long time, glue dripping is formed, and the sealing material must be replaced.

3, the adhesive is too thin, can be replaced with a brand of thicker adhesive, so the problem is dealt with.

4. Excessive pressure will also cause glue dripping. You can adjust the pressure before you see it.

5. If it is a needle tube, you can immediately replace the needle tube and try. Too small a needle can interfere with the flow of fluid and cause negative pressure, and finally cause the glue dripping problem not long after the valve is closed. Too small a needle tube will also interfere with the air-releasing behavior of the valve when it is gradually used. If you replace a large needle tube, you can deal with such problems. The tapered oblique needle tube creates less negative pressure and the most effective fluid flow. The air in the fluid will form a dripping condition after the rubber valve is closed. As far as possible, the air in the fluid should be exhausted in advance, or the rubber that is not easy to contain bubbles should be replaced, or the glue should be filtered and defoamed before being used.

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