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What to do with the Dispensing Valve of the Automatic Glue Dispensing Machine?

Feb. 14, 2020

As an Automatic Coating and Spray Machine Wholesale, share with you. How to effectively and quickly eliminate the problem of glue leakage from the dispensing valve:

1. What happens to the drip valve of the automatic dispenser?

The problem of dripping of the dispensing valve of the automatic dispenser often occurs after the dispensing valve is closed, which causes this situation. 95% of the reason is that the needle diameter of the dispenser valve is too small.

The needle equipped with the dispensing valve is too small and unsuitable, which will affect the flow of the colloid and cause back pressure, which will cause the glue to leak after the valve is closed. During the use of the dispenser, a needle that is too small will also affect the bubble ejection action of the dispenser valve.

2.Solve the method of dripping and leaking from the dispensing valve of the automatic dispensing machine

a. Dispensing and leaking of the dispensing valve, you can adjust the pressure of the pressure barrel, do not be too high, you can drive the glue, the dispensing valve can be fine-tuned; if it is a silicone rotating dispensing valve, try to reduce the size Valve response time), custom rotary dispensing valves, or replacing larger needles can solve this problem.

b. The tapered oblique needle produces less back pressure and the colloid flows smoothly. The air in the liquid will cause the glue to leak after the dispensing valve of the dispenser is closed. You can exclude the air in the liquid in advance or use a different Glue that is easy to contain bubbles, or use the gel after defoaming by centrifugation.

Automatic Glue Dispensing Machine

Automatic Glue Dispensing Machine

What if the Automatic Glue Dispensing Machine is wet?

When encountering the rainy weather, many regions will cause a continuous rainy weather, and the different wet conditions are particularly common. So is the automatic dispensing machine getting wet? In fact, each of these solar terms of the automatic dispensing machine will also cause the current status of damping. These are very common conditions, so how do you know if the automatic dispensing machine is wet? How can the automatic dispensing machine get wet?

1. How do I know if the automatic dispenser is wet?

The first step is to carry out safety inspections of various areas of the dispensing equipment before the automatic dispenser. Once the automatic dispenser belongs to the same atmosphere as before, after the automatic dispenser is turned on, check the dryness and humidity display in the package. Once the humidity on the humidity card of the automatic dispenser exceeds 20%, this reflects that the automatic dispenser has long been wet!

2. How to solve the problem of moisture in the automatic dispenser?

The simplest and most efficient method is to use an electric blast drying box to dry the wet automatic dispenser. The drying temperature is controlled around 125 ° C and the drying time is 10-20 hours.

3. How does the dispenser prevent moisture?

Place it in a ventilated place, store it on a padded platform, and access the device on time to ensure that the device is in an excellent mode. Store a few packets of moisture-proof agent in the main box and use a pollution-proof and moisture-proof cover to cover the main box and display. The frequency of getting wet of the automatic dispenser is controlled and reduced.

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