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What Industries is the Hot Melt Glue Dispensing Machine Suitable for?

Apr. 02, 2020

As a Desktop Glue Dispenser Wholesale, share with you.

1. In the home appliance industry, Hot Melt Glue Dispensing Machine is widely used in the sealing and filling of refrigerators,

Electronics, electrical assembly, etc. Hot-melt melter is suitable for automobile occupation, used to make cars

Headlights and rear lights, windshield, door manufacturing and interior sealing.

2. The dispensing machine is used for the filtering occupation of the baffles air filter.

Good performance can meet the physical and chemical properties of bonding materials.

3. Regarding non-woven fabric occupation, hot melt adhesive dispenser can be used for medical equipment, medical protective clothing, etc.

Contribute to the dispensing of medical products.

4. Regarding the packaging label profession, the hot melt adhesive active dispenser can be used for label paper and self-adhesive

Tape, label double-sided tape and medical breathable tape category. In the shoe industry, hot melt adhesives

The dynamic glue dispenser is an indispensable auxiliary in shoe material bonding.

5. In the industry of bottle cap gluing, hot-melt glue active dispensers are widely used in some cosmetics.

Gluing of bottle caps, liquor bottle caps, and collar pendants.

Hot Melt Glue Dispensing Machine

Hot Melt Glue Dispensing Machine

Automatic heating method of hot melt adhesive:

Glue heating is very simple. At present, our company has three-axis glue heating method. The heating of the dispensing valve, the pressure bucket and the storage machine can all heat the glue to the proper position. However, the use of pressure bucket heating is conventional. The type of glue is heated to 30 ~ 60 °, while the dispensing valve can be heated to 160 °, and the glue storage machine can be heated to 200 °. The difference between the latter two is the glue storage capacity.

Hot melt adhesive:

Dispensing valve is also known as hot melt glue dispensing valve. It is a type of valve specially used for hot melt glue. Because this glue is solidifying, it needs to be heated and melted before it can be dispensed. Hot melt glue It is a resin glue that forms a solid when cooled, and has fluidity after heating, which can increase the flow of glue and thus dispense mechanical energy in wooden boxes.

Hot melt glue dispensing valve;

Online hot-melt adhesive applicators generally have paper and electronic production. Nowadays, the production of cartons is fully automated. As long as the paper is placed on the assembly line, the final output is the cartons. The fully automated production speed is hundreds of times the manual production. The speed is very fast, the manual production is very slow.

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