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Is the Problem of Automatic Glue Filling Machine that the Glued Products do not Dry?

May. 22, 2020

As an Adhesive Dispenser Wholesale, share with you. The automatic glue filling machine has a wide range of applications and is used in all aspects of industrial production. The advantage of Glue Dispensing Machine is that it can be used to fill a large amount of glue, which is of great help to the large amount of product. However, when the automatic glue filling machine is used, there are users showing it, but the glue product is not dry. What is the reason? Is it related to the glue filling machine?

Standalone Dispensing Machine

Standalone Dispensing Machine

There are three main reasons for the glue not to dry after filling the product with the automatic glue filling machine:

First, the ratio of the glue is not correct, and the equipment has a fault, which causes a large error in the ratio of the AB glue;

Second, the curing method used is not correct, should be combined with the characteristics of glue, and use reasonable curing conditions;

Third, the glue expires.

In addition to the problems caused by the grouting equipment itself, under normal circumstances, you can analyze the above three aspects to find the reason why the product is not gluing.

In recent years, labor costs have become higher and higher. The difficulties in recruiting workers in the industrially developed areas such as the Pearl River Delta and the Yangtze River Delta have become increasingly prominent. The operating costs of enterprises have continued to rise, profits have become lower and lower, the efficiency of manual glue injection has been low, and the accuracy is not consistent Sexual control, it is often difficult to meet customer requirements, and automatic glue filling machine just makes up for the shortcomings of manual dispensing.

With the continuous introduction of dispensers and automatic dispensers, enterprises can make money back on machine costs in a few months, and the machine has high dispensing efficiency, strong quality consistency, 24 hours of continuous operation, and training costs Also very low. Nowadays more and more enterprises choose automatic glue filling machine to replace manual glue filling operation, and the problem that the product glue is not dry does not have much effect on the glue filling equipment, but is related to the ratio of glue and glue.

Most people either use the dispenser or do not clean it, or they are in a hurry. The cleaning of the machine is considered to be the most common link in maintenance, and it is also an important step to prolong the service life of the machine, which must not be ignored.

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