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What is the Reason that Affects the Dispensing Machine's Breaking?

Jun. 09, 2020

As an Automated Dispensing Solution Provider, share with you.

1. Air pressure

Glue pressure, any kind of glue will have a pressure value and this pressure value depends on the glue concentration and

The setting of the glue effect, the pressure of the glue is small, and the high concentration of glue will also cause indirect glue breakage and the quality of the glue will also be

Gradually deteriorated, unable to meet production needs, dispensing machine is such an element, can be based on application practice

It is required to adjust the air pressure controller.

2. Accessories

Dispensing accessories cause breakage. It is very important to understand the production structure of the dispenser first. Dispensing accessories include

Dispensing valves, controllers, pressure barrels, hoses, etc., especially vulnerable parts, the simplest causes the dispenser to break the glue,

For example, the sealing ring is corroded, causing the air pressure to drop and failing to advance the glue, causing the dispenser to break the glue. replace

Dispensing accessories are also very important.

3. Controller

The dispensing controller is also the same, the need for reasonable operation skills, the dispensing controller setting parameters determine the dispensing.

Hot Melt Glue Dispensing Machine

Hot Melt Glue Dispensing Machine

It is controlled by the quality, the time of dispensing and the dispensing of the dispenser, whether the dispenser can meet the production needs.

There is a need to have good operating methods, and each parameter needs to be set in place to prevent the dispenser from breaking.

Many people in the industry know that in the industry of dispensers, Automatic Glue Dispensing Machine is very prone to problems in production, so dispenser equipment has strict requirements for the surrounding environment!

1. Avoid using the equipment in places with corrosive gas to avoid corrosion;

2. Avoid use in direct sunlight and other heat radiation;

3. Avoid using vibrating equipment at the same time around the glass glue dispenser equipment, such as: punching machine, forging equipment, etc., these are to avoid interference caused by;

4. Avoid using the device in places where it is too humid and too much dust.

As long as you pay attention to the above four points, you can minimize the occurrence of glass glue dispenser problems.

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