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What are the Seven Advantages of Automatic Glue Dispensing Machine?

Apr. 10, 2020

As a High Speed Automatic Dispensing Machine Wholesale, share with you. Do you know the seven advantages of Automatic Glue Dispensing Machine? When it comes to automation equipment, there are advantages, and it can also solve one of the user needs. Without these advantages, customers will not choose our equipment. The editor will share the advantages of the automatic glue filling machine with everyone!

Automatic Glue Dispensing Machine

Automatic Glue Dispensing Machine

Advantages of automatic glue filling machine

One: Accurate metering, automatic glue filling machine adopts metering pump to measure, strictly proportion according to the proportion, the proportion is accurate, the proportioning accuracy is plus or minus one percent; the glue is precise, and the glue is strictly produced according to the prescribed amount. It can be verified by precision electronic scales.

2: The glue is stable and not affected by the surrounding environment.

3: Mix well. The automatic glue filling machine adopts dynamic mixing, and the brushless motor drives the stirring core to turn 800 to 1200 times in one minute to achieve uniform mixing of the glue to ensure that the glue is fully agitated, preventing semi-dry and non-dry, partial dry.

Four: No bubbles in the glue, the automatic glue filling machine vacuums the glue before pouring the glue, the air in the glue is pumped away, and the glue is filled without bubbles.

Five: The operation is simple, the graphical operation interface is clear at a glance, after programming the different products, you can directly call it next time. Simple maintenance, replace the sealing ring regularly, just put butter on the track.

Six: The automatic glue filling machine has high working efficiency, and one machine can save five to six labors. The machine automatically matches the amount used, which saves more glue, and will not make the floor countertop full of glue. One machine can be used for many years.

Seven: Reassure, use the machine to fill the glue, no longer need to raise people in the off-season, and trouble in the peak season can not recruit people.

In summary, we summarized the seven-character advantages of the automatic glue filling machine: quasi, stable, uniform, bubble, simple, save and safe! It can show that our equipment is advanced and practical. So we are of great help to most industries that need glue filling machine! Need more equipment details can pay attention to the introduction of our official website product center. Our company also has 2 Components Automatic Potting Machine for sale, please contact us.