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What Preparations do I need to do Before Using Glue Dispensing Machine?

May. 30, 2020

As a High Speed Automatic Dispensing Machine Wholesale, share with you. The dispenser needs to be sorted and cleaned before and after use. The maintenance of small details can extend the service life of the equipment and it is also easy to operate during use.

The use process of Glue Dispensing Machine is very complicated and rigorous. Any problem in this process may affect the final dispensing quality, so the preparation work before dispensing must be done adequately.

Automatic Glue Dispensing Machine

Automatic Glue Dispensing Machine

First of all, you need to prepare the process documents of the dispensing products, and then receive the materials according to the details of the process documents and check them. For the PCB that has been opened, it depends on the opening time to determine whether it is damp or contaminated. If there is a need to clean And baking treatment.

How to determine whether the product is going to be damp? Under normal circumstances, the humidity display card in the package should be checked after opening. When the humidity displayed on the humidity card is greater than 20%, it means that the product has been wetted and must be carried out before the placement work. How to deal with the tide treatment, how to remove the tide, it is actually very simple, just use an electric blast drying oven for baking, it should be noted here that the baking time should be 12 to 20 hours. And the baking temperature should be maintained at about 125 ℃.

After the pre-mounting work is ready, it is necessary to carry out proofreading inspection and back up the work of the patch, and carefully check the entire program according to the component list in the process file. The proofreading content includes the component name, tag number, model specification, etc. Proofread the file details that are different, and then revise, and then correct and check again after the revision.

Finally, the camera is used to calibrate the X and Y coordinates of each step of the component to see if it is aligned with the center of the component of the PCB. Check the position of the component in the process file to check whether the corner position is correct.

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