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SEC-6300 Injection spray valve

SEC-6300 injection valve

     Non-contact dispensing mode

    · Smaller and more refined injection valve

    · Flexible material feeding into the glue, more convenient liquid agent feeding method

    · The size is greatly reduced, suitable for more models

    · Innovative jetting mechanism, exquisite module design

    · Realize the ultra-micro dot and line glue dispensing

    · Achieve stable dispensing repeatability

    · Standard equipped with adjustable temperature control mechanism

Product Description

Injection valve specification

Dispensing method Non-contact dispensing
Applicable liquid type Underfill, UV glue, epoxy glue, silica gel, red glue, etc.
Applicable liquid viscosity 0 - 200000 cps
Applicable nozzle type Integrated0.05-0.25mm
Split type0.075-0.8mm
Supply air pressure Barrel pressure up to 0.2MPa
 Body pressure 0.65-0.7MPa
Maximum operating frequency 200Hz
Minimum glue dot diameter 0.2mm
Body mass 500g
Dimension L 47.7*W 109.58*H 161.45 Unit (mm)

Controller specification

Control method Electronic / pneumatic mode
Barrel pressure adjustment range 0-0.2MPa
Dispensing time control circuit Touch screen / digital circuit
Supply pressure up to 0.8MPa
Supply/ Power AC220V/50Hz*300W
Controller weight 4Kg
Dimension W320*L250*H130 Unit (mm)