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Shenzhen Second Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd. was founded in 2005. The company provides fluid dispensing, potting, coating, and bonding solutions of single and double components. The equipment includes various types of precise and automatic fluid dispensing, double component potting, micro potting, and coating machines in the form of desktop, standalone, inline, and robotic arm. 

Second Intelligent is an ISO 9001:2015 certified company. 

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Automatic fluid dispensing solution

· Glue dispensing machine 

· Glue dispensing robot 

· Fluid dispensing system 

· Adhesive dispensing system 

· Silicone dispensing system 

· Hot melt dispensing equipment 

· Epoxy dispensing systems 

· TIM, EMC, RTV, EMI, FIP, Triangular gasket dispensing machines 

· Reverse Osmosis element dispensing systems 

· Hydrogen Fuel Cell gasket dispensing system



           Reverse Osmosis element dispensing systems


             Industrial film machine


             - After sealing permeate collection membrane, labor connects it 

               to the permeate tube.

             - Labor loads up permeate tubes, system automatic detents it 

                 fornext processing.

             -Three axes movement platform combines with 2 component

                 glues mixing function achieved automatic and quality dispensing. 

             - Dispensing platform equips with elevator function which allows

                 glue to apply continually and homogenously.

             - Robotic arm performs automatic tape with adjustable speed.

             - System equips with infrared safety sensor to protect operator.



              TIM,EMC,RTV,EMI,FIP,Triangular gasket 

              dispensing machines

               On-line Dispensing Machine


                 - Double worktable of Y axis to save loading/unloading time

                      and improve  efficiency.

                 - CCD-assisted process programming and teaching function.

                 - Positioning PIN, glue guns, soleplate heating and temperature 

                      regulating device optional.

                 - Multiple fine-adjustment dispensing fixture optional.

                 - Self-made high-speed rotary valve makes sure the precision of

                     dispensing volume.

                 - Applied to UV glue, AB glue, COB ( black glue ), white glue, 

                   EMI conductive glue, SILICON, epoxy resin, instant glue, silver 

                     glue, red glue, paste, thermal grease, welding control paste, 

                     transparent paint, screw locker and so on.                                                                                                                                                                                                     






           Glue dispensing machine

            Two-Component Potting Machine


             - Optional CCD visual programming system enables easy and

               quick programming.

             - Fully automatic operation with integration of metering, potting, 

               encapsulation function.

             - Mixing on demand and potting at the same time to save glue.

             - Dual barrels to store A, B glue separately, which prevents gel in 

               a long time.

             - Unique control system without impaction from air pressure, 

               which  avoids. the phenomenon of nonuniformity, drawing and 

                 bubble in the potting process.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                



               Glue dispensing machine

                Two-component potting machine

                 - Saving labor cost while realizing capacity as high as human worker.

                 - Glue mixed as needed before and in the process of potting, saving  

                   glue as much as possible.

                 - Dual glue tanks to store A and B glue separately, helping to store 

                   glue for a long time.

                 - Unique control system helps to avoid uneven potting, drawing and 

                   bubble in the potting process without impaction from air pressure.

                 - Automatic alarming by up /low level materials sensors to avoid 

                   short of  material.

                 - Optional functions of stirring, heating and vacuum defoamation, 

                   fit for various potting /dispensing process.






           Epoxy dispensing systems

            Rotary axis automatic dispenser

             - 360 degree rotary dispensing structure, cover all dimension.

             - Functions of drawing points, lines, surfaces, circle, consecutive 

               interpolation of irregular curves, etc.

             - Excellent teaching function to support array, graphical browsing,

               3D ellipse, group editing etc.

             - The size of glue, speed of glue spread, dispensing time, can be 

               set by parameters.

             - Powerful PC compatibility with the Logoshop software can import 

               mainstream design software.





             Epoxy dispensing systems

               Desktop automatic dispenser


                - Operation with handheld LCD panel teach box, which is easy

                  to program and learn.

                - Functions of drawing points, lines, surfaces, arc, circle and consecutive

                  interpolation of irregular curves to realize any 3D non planar

                    trajectory path.

                - Excellent teaching function to support array, graphical browsing,

                  three dimensional elliptic, common graphical library inserting,

                    group editing and so on.

                -The size of glue, speed of glue spread, dispensing time, time of halting

                    dispensing can be set by parameters.

                - With Second special dispensing controller, glue outflow is quite stable

                  without leaking and dripping.





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